Exodus (1-20) Bible Bowl Chapters

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Bible Bowl Chapters for Exodus


Chapter Rhymes

Here are a few little rhymes to help you remember what happens in each chapter. If you have a better suggestion, we welcome your input!

Exodus Chapter 1 Into the river cast your sons at the end of Chapter One
Exodus Chapter 2 From birth to Midian Moses grew by the end of Chapter Two
Exodus Chapter 3 God tells Moses, “A leader you’ll be” throughout the verses in Chapter Three
Exodus Chapter 4 Aaron becomes a sidekick and more as we read in Chapter Four
Exodus Chapter 5 Without straw the people must strive to make brick in Chapter Five
Exodus Chapter 6 Find all of Moses’ family hicks in the text of Chapter Six
Exodus Chapter 7 The water of the river stank up to heaven as we read in Chapter Seven
Exodus Chapter 8 Frogs, lice and flies are nasty things. Read chapter 8 to see what they bring.
Exodus Chapter 9 Disease on beasts boils on man, Hail comes forth, chapter nine tells God’s plan.
Exodus Chapter 10 Locusts and darkness, plagues eight and nine. Chapter ten makes Egyptians not so fine.
Exodus Chapter 11 Chapter eleven announces the final plague, The death of the firstborn is the last leg.
Exodus Chapter 12 The children of Israel, the Lord told them their leaven to shelve. Read all about the Passover feast in chapter twelve.
Exodus Chapter 13 Thirteen is remembering the Passover, taking Joseph’s bones in flight. The Lord led by a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night.
Exodus Chapter 14 In fourteen the children left with Pharaoh in pursuit. The Red Sea parted; they walked on dry land to boot.
Exodus Chapter 15 Fifteen sees the children praise and sing, until water is scarce, and at Marah the complaints ring.
Exodus Chapter 16 Preserved from hunger in the sixteenth chapter, gathered manna six days, but none thereafter.
Exodus Chapter 17 Chapter seventeen once again no water to drink. What’s worse, Amalek brings war to the brink.
Exodus Chapter 18 In eighteen Moses’ family comes back. Of his father-in-law’s advice, there’s no lack.
Exodus Chapter 19 The Lord says prepare in chapter nineteen. He would speak to them, but first they had to be clean.
Exodus Chapter 20 The Lord speaks to Moses from the mount in chapter twenty. The laws He laid down, they were a plenty.


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