Exodus Bible Bowl Questions Chapter 19

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1. In what month does Exodus, chapter 19, begin? (verse 1)

A. first

B. second

C. third


2. On “the same day”, into where did the children of Israel come? (verse 1)

A. wilderness of Sinai

B. wilderness of Sin

C. wilderness of Paran


3. From where had the children of Israel departed? (verse 2)

A. Elim

B. Rephedim

C. Meribah


4. To where had the children of Israel come? (verse 2)

A. wilderness of Sinai

B. desert of Sinai

C. backside of the desert


5. The children of Israel pitched in the wilderness; where did they camp? (verse 2)

A. on the mount

B. before the mount

C. around the mountain


6. Moses went up unto God, and the LORD called unto him out of the mountain. To whom did God NOT tell Moses to speak? (verse 3)

A. house of Jacob

B. children of Israel

C. my firstborn son


7. How did the LORD bring the children of Israel unto himself? (verse 4)

A. on eagles’ wings

B. on the wings of a snow white dove

C. through the fire and sea


8. If the children of Israel would both obey the voice of the LORD and keep His covenant, what would the children of Israel be? (verse 5)

A. a peculiar people unto all the generations

B. a peculiar treasure unto me above all people

C. a peculiar people in all the earth that is mine


9. In addition to a peculiar treasure unto the LORD above all people, what else would the children of Israel be? (verse 6)

A. a kingdom of priests and a nation of warriors

B. a kingdom of warriors and a holy people

C. a kingdom of priests, and a holy nation


10. What would Moses speak to the children of Israel? (verse 6)

A. commandments

B. words

C. statutes


11. After Moses came and called for the elders of the people, what did he do? (verse 7)

A. laid before their faces all these words

B. rehearsed straitly that which he had been commanded

C. took vacation at Disneyland


12. After the people had heard the words that the LORD had said what did they answer together? (verse 8)

A. “Who made thee a prince and a judge over us?”

B. “Why has thou brought us here to die? Were there no graves in Egypt?”

C. “All that the LORD hath spoken we will do.”


13. In what did the Lord come so that the the people may hear when He spoke with Moses? (verse 9)

A. a pillar of cloud

B. a pillar of fire

C. a thick cloud


14. When did God want Moses to sanctify the people? (verse 10)

A. to day and to morrow

B. tomorrow about this time

C. about midnight


15. Besides being sanctified by Moses, what were the people to do? (verse 10)

A. wash their bodies

B. wash their clothes

C. wash their animals


16. The people were told to the ready against the 3rd day. What would the LORD do on the 3rd day? (verse 11)

A. He will heal all your diseases for He is the LORD that healeth thee.

B. The LORD will come down in the sight of all the people upon mount Sinai.

C. The LORD will perform a wonder even greater than those which He did in Egypt.


17. What were set round about so that the people would not go up into the mount or touch the border of it? (verse 12)

A. boundaries

B. guards

C. bounds


18. What would happen to the person who went up into the mount or touched the border of it? (verse 12)

A. death

B. hanging

C. banishment


19. Fill in the blank: Be it beast or man, if _____ would touch the mount, it would be stoned or shot through. (verse 13)

A. foot

B. hand

C. hair


20. What would be the signal for the people to assemble? (verse 13)

A. when the trumpet sounded seven times

B. when the trumpet soundeth long

C. when the trumpet soundeth and the priests proceed


21. Moses went down from the mount unto the people and sanctified them, and they washed their clothes. He told them to be ready against the 3rd day. What did he also tell them? (verses 14-15)

A. Shave your head and nails

B. Be sure to have only unleavened bread in your habitation

C. Come not at your wives.


22. On the third day in the morning, why did the people in the camp NOT tremble? (verse 16)

A. the east wind blew and thunder crashed about the whole camp

B. there were thunders and lightnings and a thick cloud

C. there was the voice of the trumpet exceeding loud


23. When Moses brought forth the people out of the camp to meet with God, where did they stand? (verse 17)

A. around the bounds of the mountain

B. every man by the door of his tent

C. at the nether part of the mount


24. What happened to mount Sinai because the LORD descended upon it in fire? (verse 18)

A. Mount Sinai congealed down to its depths.

B. Mount Sinai was altogether on a smoke.

C. Mount Sinai shone with the glory of the LORD.


25. In addition to being “altogether on a smoke”, what happened to the whole mount? (verse 18)

A. It smoked like a furnace.

B. It quaked greatly.

C. It got lung cancer.


26. In 19:19, there are 2 voices. Whose are they? (verse 19)

A. the trumpet’s and God’s

B. God’s and Moses’

C. God’s and the people’s


27. Which part of the mountain did the LORD come down to and where he called Moses? (verse 20)

A. the nether part

B. the middle part

C. the top of the mount


28. Why did the LORD tell Moses that he was to “charge the people”? (verse 21)

A. lest they forget my statutes and ordinances

B. lest they be discouraged and return to Egypt

C. lest they break through unto the LORD to gaze, and many of them perish


29. The priests were also to sanctify themselves. Why? (verse 22)

A. lest the LORD break forth upon them

B. lest they break through unto the LORD to gaze

C. lest the LORD show his wonders upon them


30. Who was to be allowed to come up unto the LORD? (verse 24)

A. the priests

B. Moses and Aaron

C. the people


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