Exodus Bible Bowl Questions Chapter 15

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1. What did Moses and the children of Israel sing unto the Lord? (verse 1)

A. This song

B. An hymn

C. A psalm


2. What had the LORD done? (verse 1)

A. Brought out the children of Israel with a might hand

B. Gotten glory upon Pharaoh and the Egyptians

C. Triumphed gloriously


3. What had the LORD thrown into the sea? (verse 1)

A. Pharaoh and his chariots

B. The horse and his rider

C. Pharaoh and his armies


4. Complete the sentence: The LORD is my _____ and _____ . (verse 2)

A. Strength and song

B. Strength and shield

C. Sword and shield


5. Complete the sentence: Moses and the children of Israel said that God is become my _____. (verse 2)

A. Rock and refuge

B. Salvation

C. Very present help in time of trouble


6. Besides being the strength and song and becoming the salvation of Moses and the children of Israel, what else is the LORD? (verse 2)

A. A help in time of trouble

B. A refuge from mine enemies

C. My God


7. What would Moses and the children of Israel prepare for the LORD? (verse 2)

A. A house

B. An habitation

C. An altar


8. Fill in the blank: The LORD is … my father’s God, and I will _____ him. (verse 2)

A. Exalt

B. Worship

C. Praise


9. According to 15:3, what is the LORD? (verse 3)

A. A mighty God

B. A man of war

C. A mighty fortress


10. What is God’s name? (verse 3)

A. Yahweh


C. Jehovah


11. What had been drowned in the Red Sea? (verse 4)

A. Pharaoh’s chariots and his host

B. His chosen captains

C. The horse and his rider


12. What had been cast into the sea? (verse 4)

A. Pharaoh’s chariots and his host

B. His chosen captains

C. The horse and rider


13. What did the depths do to Pharaoh’s chariots, his host, and his chosen captains? (verse 5)

A. Drowned them

B. Overcame them

C. Covered them


14. Fill in the blank: In 15:5, the chariots, host, and chosen captains sank into the bottom as a _____? (verse 5)

A. Rock

B. Piece of iron

C. Stone


15. In 15:6, what thing of the LORD’s had “become glorious in power” and “dashed in pieces the enemy”? (verse 6)

A. Thy right hand

B. Thy outstretched arm

C. Thy holy name


16. What characteristic of God has “overthrown them that rose up against thee”? (verse 7)

A. Thy invincible power

B. The strength of thy mighty hand

C. The greatness of thine excellency


17.What consumed the Egyptians “as stubble”? (verse 7)

A. Thy anger

B. Thy wrath

C. The power of thy hand


18. What gathered the waters together? (verse 8)

A. The east wind

B. The blast of thy nostrils

C. The west wind


19. How did the floods stand? (verse 8)

A. Upright as a wall of water

B. Divided on the right side and the left side

C. Upright as a heap


20. What happened to the depths? (verse 8)

A. Congealed in the heart of the sea

B. Swallowed whole every horse and rider

C. Rose at the LORDS’ voice


21. In Exodus 15:9, what did the enemy NOT say? (verse 9)

A. I will pursue, I will overtake, I will divide the spoil, my lust shall be satisfied upon them

B. I will draw my sword, my hand shall destroy them

C. They are entangled in the land. Let us go quit like men and smite them for the glory of Egypt.


22. Fill in the blank: The LORD “didst blow with thy _____” and the sea covered them. (verse 10)

A. Nostrils

B. Wind

C. Breath


23. How did the Egyptians sink in the mighty waters? (verse 10)

a. As lead

B. As a stone

C. As iron


24. Comparing the LORD to other gods, in what was he glorious? (verse 11)

A. Majesty

B. Strength

C. Holiness


25. Comparing the LORD to other gods, how are His praises described? (verse 11)

A. Fearful

B. Wonderful

C. Mighty


26. Comparing the LORD to other gods, what was he doing? (verse 11)

A. Signs

B. Wonders

C. Miracles


27. When the LORD stretched out His right hand, what swallowed the Egyptians? (verse 12)

A. The sea

B. The earth

C. The waters


28. How had the LORD led forth the people whom He had redeemed? (verse 13)

A. In thy strength

B. In thy power

C. In thy mercy


29. Into what had the LORD guided them in His strength? (verse 13)

A. Thy holy habitation

B. The land promised unto our fathers

C. Thy holy mountain


30. Fill in the blank: “the people shall hear, and be afraid: _____ shall take hold on the inhabitants of Palestina.” (verse 14)

A. Fear

b. Awe

C. Sorrow


31. Who would be amazed when they heard of what the LORD had done? (verse 15)

A. The inhabitants of Canaan

B. Mighty men of Moab

C. Dukes of Edom


32. What would take hold of the mighty men of Moab? (verse 15)

A. Fear and loathing

B. Trembling

C. Humility before the LORD


33. What would happen to the inhabitants of Canaan when they heard of what the LORD had done? (verse 15)

A. They shall melt away.

B. They shall fall to the earth in terror.

C. They shall be congealed in the heart of the sea


34. Fear and dread would fall upon the inhabitants of Canaan. What would make them as still as a stone? (verse 16)

A. The greatness of thine hand

B. The greatness of thine arm

C. The greatness of thy power


35. Until when would the greatness of the LORD’s arm keep the inhabitants of Canaan as still as a stone? (verse 16)

A. Till thy people have come in and possessed the land and purchased it with blood

B. Till the people pass through the sea and come up on dry ground

C. Till thy people pass over…. The people…..which thou hast purchased


36. Where would the people be planted? (verse 17)

A. In the mountain of thy inheritance….in the place…which thou hast made for thee to dwell in

B. In the Sanctuary…which thy hands have established

C. Both A and B


37. How long shall the LORD reign? (verse 18)

A. From everlasting to everlasting

B. For ever and ever

C. Uunto all generations


38. What went into the sea with Pharaoh’s chariots and horsemen? (verse 19)

A. His horse

B. Pharaoh

C. His chosen captains


39. Who took a timbrel in her hand and was followed by all the women with timbrels and with dances? (verse 20)

A. Miriam the prophetess, the sister of Aaron

B. Miriam, the sister of Moses and Aaron

C. Zipporah the prophetess


40. In 15:21, who did Miriam say the LORD had thrown into the sea? (verse 21)

A. Pharaoh’s horse

B. The horse and rider

C. Pharaoh’s chariots and horseman


41. Where did Moses bring Israel from the Red Sea? (verse 22)

A. Wilderness of Paran

B. Wilderness of Shur

C. Backside of the desert


42. After three days in the wilderness of Shur, what could Israel not find? (verse 22)

A. Water

B. Food

C. Directions


43. Where could Israel not drink because the waters were bitter? (verse 23)

A. The Red Sea

B. Jordan

C. Marah


44. At Marah, what did the people murmur? (verse 24)

A. Where there not graves in Egypt?

B. What shall we eat?

C. What shall we drink?


45. When Moses cried unto the LORD at Marah, what did the LORD show him to cast into the waters to make them sweet? (verse 25)

A. A tree

B. A stone

C. A rod


46. What did Moses make for Israel at Marah besides sweet waters? (verse 25)

A. A statute and an ordinance

B. A judgment

C. A commandment


47. What would Israel NOT need to do to keep away the diseases which had been brought upon the Egyptians? (verse 26)

A. Diligently hearken to the voice of the LORD they God, and wilt do that which is right in his sight

B. Observe to do the all the statutes of the Passover

C. Give ear to his commandments, and keep all his statutes


48. Complete the sentence: In 15:26, the LORD said that He was the LORD that _____. (verse 26)

A. Redeemeth thee

B. Saveth thee

C. Healeth thee


49. What did Israel find at Elim? (verse 27)

A. 12 wells of water, and threescore and ten palm trees

B. 70 wells of water and 12 palm trees

C. A Burger King


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